Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dream Journaling Tips: You Must Record Your Dreams Before They Fade

I've been keeping a dream journal on and off since 2001 and have learned that you must write down your dreams immediately.  If you snooze or try to remember them and record them later, you will forget.  Even if you don't forget the entire dream, you may forget relevant details that provide important insight into the dream's meaning.  I've had about three dreams this week that I didn't record.  All three days I woke up and hit snooze, without taking the time to write down what I remembered.  When I awoke again, the dreams had faded.

I vaguely remember that my forgotten dreams involved work and/or Ricky, but I cannot remember anything more than that.  I am going to focus more on being cognizant of dreaming and writing them down.  I've found that the more you write down your dreams, the more often you remember dreams to write down.  It's just hard to focus on dreaming when you are heartbroken and tired.


bobbie_pimm said...

You are correct that it is important to write your dream down right away. One suggestion I would add is that when you first wake up -- don't move, give yourself a minute or two to try to recall as much of the dream as possible before writing it down. On those days that you really don't have time to write down the dream, jot down as many key words or phrases that you can -- to jog your memory later on.