Thursday, June 23, 2011

Almost Lucid Dream: Escaping from a Hostage Situation in Radio Shack

Dreamed During the Night, June 22, 2010:
I was in Radio Shack lat at night with Axelle and Keith when an unknown man came in with a gun and held us all hostage.  He was trying to get money from the store clerk.  The robber told the clerk that if he called 911, we all would be shot.  I decided that I could call 911 on my cell phone while the robber was distracted, but he soon realized what I was doing and pointed the gun right in my face.  I was on the ground and Keith was on the ground nearby, crying and yelling at me that he told me not to be stupid and try to fix this situation.  I yelled back that Keith wasn't doing anything to fix the situation.  As the 911 operator was asking what was wrong, I felt sure that the robber would shoot me, but then I put my foot in his crotch and realized that any man can be distracted from any problem by sex. I began to wonder why I had to do this and why Axelle didn't just shoot him with the gun she had, which is when I realized that I was dreaming.  I immediately woke up.

Dream Analysis:
Isn't it a universal truth that sex distracts most men from most problems?  Keith generally does not ever resolve any problems.  When he and I dated a few years ago, even minor problems would turn into huge fights because his solution to problems was to yell at me instead of resolving the problem.  I have no idea why this dream took place at radio shack, and I don't know if this dream is telling me anything that I didn't already know.  I've noticed more and more that there are opportunities to have lucid dreams that I'm missing.  I need to try to work on this.