Thursday, June 30, 2011

Books: Erotic Dreaming and the Meaning

Como Interpretar los Suenos Eroticos = Dreams and Sexuality (Spanish Edition) Dreams and Sexuality: Interpreting Your Sexual Dreams Sex Dreams and Symbols: Interpreting Your Subconscious Desires

I'm currently reading Como Interpretar los Sueños Eroticos.  I ended up with the Spanish version because my local library didn't have Dreams and Sexuality: Interpreting Your Sexual Dreams.  I haven't read any of Dr. Pam Spurr's books before, but Sex Dreams and Symbols: Interpreting Your Subconscious Desires is definitely next on my list.  Yes, I judge books by their cover and that book looks like just the kind of thing I like.  I spent today cleaning and redecorating my bedroom, after the bedbug incident, but I'll save that and show you where I dream in another post.

After my dream about having a good honeymoon with Ricky, I've been thinking about my sex dreams and wondering if they mean anything beyond being lonely.  I am just beginning Como Interpretar los Sueños Eroticos, so I'll have to let you know what I learn later.  I'm hoping to learn something that make me think of my sexual dreams as being more meaningful.

I can tell you that one book that is not on my reading list is Your Child's Dreams: A Parent-and-Child Workbook.  First, I don't have kids.  Second, although I think children and parents talking about dreaming is great, I think "workbook" kind of takes the fun out of the imaginary dialogue I'd have with someone.  When I was a child, my mother didn't understand my dreams and didn't take an interest when I told her about them.  I would have liked to talk to my parents about dreams and dreaming, but there didn't seem to be a way to start a dialogue with them.

I can totally imagine a workbook being a way to start a dialogue, but it seems like an icky dialogue, like when your parents have the "birds and the bees" talk with you.  It also reminds me of summer reading assignments, which I hated.  I always waited until the last possible minute to start reading those.  The book might actually be good, and if I had kids, I'd probably be pretty interested to try it, but I just don't know that my children would feel the same way.

What's going on in your dreams?  Have you ever talked to your kids about their dreams?  And do you believe sex dreams have deeper meanings?  I'm curious.  If you have a thought or the answer, please leave your comments below.


mama bear said...

Dreams and sexuality looks pretty interesting!

Katerina said...

Love your blog.
What a shame you had no one to share your dreams with as a child.
As I recall broaching the subject was as easy as saying "Mum I had a really strange dream last night - what do u think it means?" Although that may sound easier than it seems. I forget that most peoples parents weren't as strange as mine hehe :)
My parents have always been quite superstitious as Greeks and refer to symbolism a lot in daily life. I don't quite know why. I assume it has a bit to do with their original peasant roots.
Either way I never saw myself as lucky to have grown up with their interest in my dreams though now I see how much their conversations about them influenced my own love of dream analysis and the way I interpret them as an adult. (I can assure you I never shared my sex dreams with them though - those I reserve for my own personal perusal lol)
Great blog!