Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dream: Disorganized Doctors Take Over the Sushi Group

Dreamed During the Night, May 31, 2010:
I was a member of a group that got together occasionally to go out for sushi.  On this particular day, the sushi group was coming to my house, but we were going to eat Indian food.  I stood in the front yard of my house, waiting for members to arrive, because I did not know any of the people who were going to attend.  My brother lived with me and was having a party on the same day, so I didn't know who was coming to which event.  The first two people to arrive were doctors dressed in entirely black suits.  One doctor was very tall and overweight and brunette.  The other doctor was petite and blond.

The doctors seemed okay, but they seemed a little goofy and uninterested in our plans.  We waited a while in the yard, but when no one else showed up, we went into my house.  Inside the house, I saw that my brother's party guests were already there.  I wondered if some of his "guests" weren't sushi group members who defected to attend his party.  The doctors had other doctor friends, also dressed all in black, who eventually arrived, although they were very late.  I offered to cook Indian food at my house or suggested that we could go out.  All of the doctors suggested that we go out.  I told them that we would leave in five minutes and went into the bathroom.

In the bathroom I tried to call my bank to make sure I had enough money to pay for eating at a restaurant, but my cell phone kept dropping the call.  When I came out, the doctors were all in my bedroom, laughing and watching some type of continuing education video.  I went out into the living room to ask my brother if I could use his cell phone.  He was sleeping with his head in some new agey blond girl's lap.  I couldn't borrow his phone because he kept snoring between sentences.  I went back to the doctors, but they were laughing and goofing off so much that I didn't know if we'd ever make it to the restaurant.

Dream Analysis:
I can't really think about what this dream means right now.  I'm having some waking life family problems.  When I have time and energy to think about this dream, I'll come back and write.  In the meantime, if you have thoughts, feel free to share in the comments.  Thanks.