Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dream: Getting too Personal with Pamela and Stealing My Money Back from Keith

Dreamed During the Night, June 18, 2010:
My former coworker Pamela and I were eating lunch at a picnic table in a park.  I asked her about how her job was going, and she said fine, but she seemed uninterested in work.  I mentioned that it was the season where the office usually hires a bunch of newbies, so she must be very busy helping them get settled in, but she said she was not very busy at all.  I wondered if it was her lax attitude about work that led to her having so much free time.  I don't know why, but I suddenly pulled out a sex toy and recommended it to her.  I told her that it was great for people with too much time.  She seemed embarrassed and judgmental, but I didn't feel embarrassed.  I told her that I had to go, and I left her sitting there, as she chewed her sandwich and looked shocked that I was walking away from her.

I went home, but when I got to my bedroom, I found Keith, my ex-boyfriend in my bed.  I was annoyed because I felt that he was making my bed dirty.  Keith owed me money, so I felt slightly happy that maybe he would pay me.  I asked him about the money, but he made excuses.  I realized that he had also stolen from about $200 that I had left in one of my dresser drawers.  I noticed my money bulging in one of the lower zippered pockets of his cargo pants.  I physically restrained him and took my money back.  Then I told him that I was going to call the police.  He begged me not to, but I stormed out of the room, determined to do it because he always took advantage of me.

Dream Analysis:
In waking life I have a policy of never giving Keith money because he's a drug addict and a liar.  Keith and I broke up because he loved drugs more than he loved me.  After that, I remained friends with him, but I'm beginning to see that he's just too much of a liar.  I don't know what that part of the dream had to do with the Pamela part or the sex toy.  Pamela is lazy in the same way that Keith is lazy, and although I think Pamela uses drugs, she's much more functional than Keith.  Maybe I showed Pamela the sex toy because I like shocking people.