Monday, June 13, 2011

Dream: Now You Have to Break up with Me

Dreamed During the Night, June 12, 2011:
I was in the youth group meeting room of my childhood church with a bunch of Japanese people.  Their names were very hard to remember, but I was trying as they introduced themselves to me.  One of the men had been in my third grade class, but now he was an adult.  He introduced himself, but I told him, "I know you, you're Hiroyuki.  We went to third grade together."  He was very nice to me, although I'm not sure he remembered me.  I only recognized him because he looked almost exactly the same as when we were in third grade.  He then introduced me to one of the other men, who said his name was Riya.  We all seemed to be there for some type of important business meeting.  I was wearing a suit, and so were the men, but nothing was happening other than introductions.  I noticed that all of the men were wearing black suits with white shirts and black ties.  They looked like they were from The Matrix.  Hiroyuki told me that he believed that someone was waiting for me in the adjoining room.  As I walked to the next room, I thought of how wise Hiroyuki is to know the future and to guide others.  It was as if he was orchestrating the whole meeting, directing people to where they needed to go.

When I went to the next room, it looked almost like it was arranged for a funeral.  Ricky was dressed up and lying on some kind of raised platform, and Axelle was standing near him.  I thought that he was dead and almost collapsed into Axelle and began crying hysterically.  I felt terrible that he had died before I could say goodbye to him.  She seemed confused and told me that Ricky was just sleeping.  She advised against waking him up, but I told her that I had to.  I repeatedly tried to wake him, but he wasn't moving.  As I got louder and louder, Axelle tried to pull me off of him.  She said that I was making a scene and would disturb the meeting next door.  I persisted, and groggily he opened his eyes and said he was happy to see me.  I turned to Axelle and smiled, still crying.  Then she said, "I guess now you have to break up with me."  She hugged me and walked silently back to the room with the meeting.  I was calling out to her, but she didn't respond.

Dream Analysis:
I really don't know why I was dreaming about Hiroyuki from third grade. I think he represents wisdom and knowledge.  When I was in third grade, I didn't like boys and avoided any boys that expressed any interest in me.  But why, if Hiroyuki is wise, did he lead me right to Ricky, especially when Axelle was there, and she thought it was unwise to wake Ricky?  And why did I have to breakup with Axelle?  Even if she didn't want me to be with Ricky, I think I could have still been friends with her.  I didn't think I had to choose between them.  Did Ricky appear dead because that's how I should view his presence in my life?  Am I waking the dead when I wake him in the dream?

I did some online research about the nam Rika.  It's a girl's name that means "singer", but I didn't know that and had never heard of the name before my dream.