Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream: Saving Keith from the Police

Dreamed During the Night, June 27, 2011:
I went to a new apartment that Keith was sharing with a roommate.  Keith told me that he didn't care about anything anymore and was going to steal his roommate's computer.  He brought the computer to my car, but he dropped it on the sidewalk, smashing the monitor and keyboard.  He then took the computer back inside, but soon after a blond police officer showed up at his doorstep.  For some reason Keith gave her permission to search the house.  By now, Keith's roommate was also home and complaining about the computer.  The officer said she would have to take the computer and arrest Keith.  I was afraid of what would happen, and I felt helpless, but then I realized that I bought that computer as a gift for Keith, and that a person couldn't be prosecuted for destroying his or her own stuff.  I informed the officer, and she looked very disappointed, but she informed the roommate and then quickly left.

I realized that all of this time wasted on the computer had distracted me from the school homework presentation I was supposed to be giving.  I apparently had to sing a song in front of the class.  I showed up late, so I entered the classroom through a back hallway.  I was completely unprepared, but I was saved by the bell.  Just as I was arriving, the teacher said that class was ending and everyone else would have to give their presentations on another day.

Dream Analysis:
This dream is about saving Keith and bailing him out from his problems, which is what I always did when we were dating.  I think the class presentation was just a typical dream of being unprepared and facing fears.  Maybe this dream is a sign that I shouldn't waste so much time on my computer?