Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dream: Standing in a Dark House and Thinking About Thunderstorms

Dreamed During the Night, June 17, 2010:
My brother and I were in a dark house, talking about Dallas winning the NBA Finals.  We were standing in the kitchen, which had track lighting, slate floors and marble counters.  I think this was a house I bought, and believe it or not, my brother was actually visiting me.  The weather was very bad outside.  I could hear rain pouring down and frequent thunder.  I began to talk to my brother about Dirk Novitztki playing baseball in a recent game where it was raining.  Dirk was the pitcher, but he wore his hat folded in half, almost the way people wear rally caps, except the folded had was sitting normally on top of his head.  Dirk's long blond hair was combed combed over the top of the hat, which made him look very strange.  It was pouring rain there, but the umpires weren't stopping the game.  Dirk's hair was wilting into his eyes, so he kept shaking his head to move his hair and be able to see.  Every time he shook his head, tons of water sprayed everywhere.  He was completely soaked.  Dirk was not nearly as big and tall as he is in waking life, so I thought maybe this was a game from when he was a teenager.  I asked my brother about why Dirk was so short, but it turned out that I wasn't watching dirk at all; it was a blond girl who was pitching.

When I started paying attention to what was happening in my house again, I noticed smoke near the floor.  I told my mother that she'd spilled water and my computer cord was smoking because it was sitting in a puddle.  I unplugged everything and warned her that we could have been electrocuted.  She seemed glad that I eliminated the problem, but she didn't seem very concerned about the idea that we could have been killed.

Dream Analysis:
This dream was a missed opportunity for lucidity.  When I was thinking about the ballgame, it was as if I was there.  Also, realizing that Dirk wasn't as tall as he is in waking life should have given me a clue, as well as the sudden gender change.  When I came back to the scene at my house, my brother was no longer there and only my mother was there.  I didn't realize that this was strange.  Recently, I've noticed that Thunderstorms are a sign of dreaming.  In waking life, I rarely notice thunderstorms, but in my dreams they seem quite prominent.  What does that mean that I frequently dream about storms?  Does it represent anger or instability?

In this dream, my relationships with my mother and brother played a key role.  In waking life, my brother has never visited me.  Recently I asked him if I could stay at his place for one night while I attended a nearby wedding, and he said no.  Sadly, my relationship with my brother has never really been the way I wanted it to be.  Similarly to my brother, my mother seems indifferent about the relationship she and I have.  She doesn't seem to care what happens.  In the dream she was indifferent about her carelessness and didn't care if we both died.  My mother has brain damage in real life, but I don't know if that's why she's so oblivious to the problems we have.