Monday, June 27, 2011

Dream: Working in a Crayon Factory

Dreamed During the Night, June 25, 2011:
I was at my first day of work at a crayon factory.  Surprisingly, it was not an assembly line production.  There were people working at tables, mixing colored dough with natural ingredients such as corn, mint and other items.  The colors were so vibrant, and I was surprised that natural ingredients were used.  I was assigned to make three blue batches of dough in various shades.  A worker lead me to my table and told me to do my job, but he never explained how to do it.  He seemed indifferent about how I did my job, but I knew that the company fired people who didn't do the job correctly.  A girl at a nearby table was talking loudly and telling everyone to look at the combination purple/gold crayon that she made.  Other people nearby told her to be quiet or she would get fired.  I realized that I was going to get fired because I had already incorrectly mixed the dough.  No one from the company ever told me how to do the job correctly or gave me the tools I needed.  Just as the person who was doing the firing started to walk in, the girl making her own color combinations created a scene by dropping her cell phone, and then she ran out of the room, saying she had to get the phone repaired.  I then knew that I would be fired.

Dream Analysis:
I am not sure why I keep dreaming about working in factories.  I think this dream goes back to me living a fear-based life.  This job offered no opportunity for creativity and stifled creativity by firing people, which sounds similar to every job I've ever had in life.  But what does purple mean?  Why do I keep dreaming of purple?


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