Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Would They Do That?

I came across this excellent little comic strip from Buttersafe:

This comic reminds me that ignorance really is bliss, and we are all subject to our own delusions.  Could we be any more attached to our computers?


Corinne Marie said...

HI Lola,
Thanks for your comments on my blog! Yes the feminine is important. Buddhism huh...I took refuge in 2003. I am part of the Shambhala Sangha. The path is always challenging.
Thanks again!!

betty-NZ said...

I"m pretty sure we all have selective 'common sense'! Love the pics.

kris10na ☮♥☺ said...

Haha this is funny but I'm guilty of this but at least I'm using my imagination and creativity by reading, blogging and communicating to people.

Those are my excuses haha

Ani said...

I am the worst offender when it comes to being addicted to the computer, but I love the freedom that the Internet gives.