Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lucid Dreaming Tips

I found this article about lucid dreaming today and was intrigued by one of the tips.  The article suggests that lucid dreaming is difficult because it is common to wake up when you realize that you are dreaming.  The author's advice is to try to make yourself spin or fall to prolong the dream, although you may land in a new setting within the dream.  I was curious how spinning or falling could prolong a dream, so I Googled it.  This other how-to article about lucid dreams suggests the following:
Prolong lucid dreams by spinning your body or falling backwards in the dream (suspected of prolonging REM), and rubbing your hands (prevents you from feeling the sensation of lying in bed). Take care while spinning. Remind yourself even as you spin or fall that you are dreaming, as you will find yourself in a completely different location when you stop spinning or hit the ground and may lose lucidity otherwise. If you feel a dream shakes or is about to fade out, look down to the ground and visualize your surroundings, reminding yourself you are dreaming.
I have never actually tried any of those techniques, but if they work, then maybe I should try them.  The second article was very extensive and gave various tips that seem as if they might be helpful.  Now I'm off to see what I dream.