Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surfing as a Spiritual Exercise

My Buddhist beliefs include the idea that you can turn almost anything into a spiritual activity if you do it from the heart, with right intention and without harming others.  In this article about surfing as a spiritual exercise, the author suggests that riding waves has a meditative quality and that the power of nature can be both humbling and scary.  I would really like to learn how to surf.  I love spiritual activities that help us become more mindful and inject us into the present moment.

What are your biggest spiritual exercises?

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evey said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you that anything can be a spiritual experience. I am an artist, so getting my hands dirty with paint, glue, and who knows what else is an everyday occurrence. Aside from making the art itself, I find the act of washing my hands a spiritual exercise. I have this habit of breathing sort of shallow when I am concentrating really hard on projects. Making my way to the sink I always remind myself to take deep breaths and my mind starts to decompress. By the time my hands are clean, I feel like I have been in deep meditation for a few minutes.

your blog is really special, and you've made a reader out of me.

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