Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Buddha Documentary by David Grubin, Full Version

I was so delighted when I learned today that you can watch the full version of The Buddha, the documentary narrated by famous Buddhist Richard Gere, on the PBS website.  I have felt like a bad Buddhist for some time because everyone says this documentary is amazing, but I've never seen it.  I was so disappointed when I missed it during its premiere on TV.  Now I will either watch it on the computer, or I will watch The Buddha on TV if I can find the right cord to hook up my computer and TV.

It's my understanding that The Buddha covers the Buddha's life and also explains some Buddhist beliefs.  I do have to say that Richard Gere has one of those pseudo-British scholarly accents where he pronounces Buddha like buh-duh instead of of the Americanized BOO-daah, but otherwise the documentary looks great. I am so happy that PBS has enabled viewers to watch the full program on the web.  This is great for people like me who don't watch so much TV but who are interested in learning about Buddhist beliefs.

BuddhaBuddha [Blu-ray]

If your computer or Internet can't handle watching such videos, you can always buy The Buddha on DVD or on Blu-ray.  If you have seen this documentary or have other recommendations, please feel free to comment below.  I only wish someone had told me about the availability of this amazing documentary online sooner.