Monday, July 11, 2011

Love, Compassion and Alternative Social Networking

Yesterday I was reading this article entitled Broken Buddha.  I found the article so inspirational because we all have fears deep within us that sometimes nag us and even prevent us from achieving everything that we can.  I share a similar feeling with the author about some of the churches that I've attended, but now that I attend FUUCSL and the Drolma Center, religious services are no longer anxiety-provoking experiences.

Nevertheless, I still suffer from general anxiety in other situations.  I've noticed over the past five or six years that I sometimes suffer from what I would consider to be debilitating anxiety.  I don't just feel slightly anxious; I feel overwhelmed and therefore do nothing to combat the problems that lead to my anxiety.  Doing nothing about problems leads to problems getting worse, which leads to more anxiety.  It's a vicious cycle.

I recently joined 43 Things, but it only occurred to me today to add "overcome anxiety" as one of my goals.  Funny thing is, less than 10 minutes after posting that goal, I had already received a cheer from someone else. I love the way everyone on this site reaches out to support you and help you realize your dreams.  I prefer this kind of social networking over any other kind.  I hope people are cheering out of genuine love and compassion and aren't only cheering for SEO or some other benefit that I don't know about yet.  It would make me feel cheap and unloved.

Speaking of love, Buddhatropolis is currently celebrating reader appreciation.  Please visit the sites chosen for reader appreciation and let them know you found them through Buddhatropolis.  It will make them feel warm and fuzzy, I hope.

Posted as part of Much Love Monday.


The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Lola

I for one don't think people reach out to hike up their ratings. I feel the people that I've connected with are genuine.

Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lola,

I think it's very daring of you to have taken the step to express your inner feelings with the public. Honestly, as much as i love to blog, there are just some stuff that are out-of-bounds and im quite reluctant to share about my feelings and emotions (What more about my fear or weakness) with the rest of the world.

Dropping by from MLM (again!) :p

Anonymous said...

hey thats really cool! ill have to check it out

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hi Lola,

Nice to find your blog here. I think sharing how you feel is important especially if it can help other people. In 2010, I wrote 365 lessons on my blog, Lessons from the Monk I Married. I got so much positive feedback from my readers during that time that I just kept going and now I have a book coming out too! So kudos to you for sharing and expanding and embracing your fears....may it take you on a wonderful path of openness and connectedness to all humans. After all, when you dig deeply you'll find we are all more alike that we care to think! Peace to you, Katherine

jen said...

Hi Lola!
Found you though MLM and also thank you for saying hi at my blog. ^^ Talking about personal insecurities, I always worry about how people receive my work (design work and also my PhD work). I still find it nerve-wrecking to explain to people about my research. But I think recognizing that we have fears is the first step of overcoming it. ^^

Ani said...

Thank you all for being so supportive. I love reading your comments.

I always used to think the best about people reaching out to others for unselfish motives, but then I got a spammer at one of my other blogs who operated a website about how to leave blog comments to maximize your SEO strategy. :(

arkaya (jess) said...

I also feel it is brave of you to be so open on your blog, I try to be but there are some things I just don't wish to share. I am also pleased you are setting goals for yourself as it's such a healthy attitude. I think the people probably are genuine or wouldn't have taken the time to acknowledge your post. Good luck in life :)
arkaya ~ swapbot