Friday, July 1, 2011

Lucid Dream Challenges: Progress on Talking to a Deceased Friend

As readers of this blog know, I have been trying to talk to a deceased friend in a lucid dream.  Last night I was drifting off to sleep, just watching strange thoughts float past.  Suddenly I realized that I was dreaming and told myself, "Find Akash, go talk to Akash."  Unfortunately, I was so excited that I woke myself up at the same time.  When I fell back asleep, my focus was gone.

I am very hopeful that one day soon I will talk to Akash in a dream.  Not only would this experience give me the joy of talking to him again, but it would confirm that I am beginning to develop my ability to have lucid dreams.  Have any of you ever tried lucid dream challenges or talking to a friend in a dream?