Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Site Has Moved to Its Own Domain

You may have noticed changes to the header graphic and this website's title.  The reason for the changes is that this site is moving to the domain  Old links to should still work, but it's probably a good idea to update your bookmarks now.

Why did I choose the name Buddhatropolis?  Well, I happily live in the city of Miami, which is a grand metropolis.  You might have noticed the urban looking building and windswept palm trees in my header graphic, which are representations of the city I love and call home.  This website is my online home where I blog mostly about Buddhism and urban spirituality.  So, Buddha + metropolis = Buddhatropolis.

Thank you for being readers, followers and leaving comments.  I truly appreciate the feedback and dialogue that happens here.  Along with the new domain, I plan to have monthly reader appreciation posts featuring links to the most thoughtful commenters at Buddhatropolis.  And speaking of appreciation, special thanks to Michael M at Enom who made my two-day DNS/Google headache go away.  :)  He's the best!