Sunday, August 7, 2011

No Poo No Go

Photo © Evgenia Grinblo.

My adventures in no poo aren't going as well as I wanted, but I'm not giving up.  First, I reduced the amount of shampoo I was using and reduced the number of times per week that I was washing my hair.  This was amazing!  My hair wasn't much more oily and looked fine.  I also started using conditioner, which I have never regularly used.  My choice was this conditioner.
It smells great and made my hair extremely soft and shiny.  This was probably the best I've ever seen my hair in my entire life.  People have various views about Organix brand, but I love it and highly recommend it.  You won't find a better smell than the particular variety that I tried.

The problem is that my goals in going no poo are to reduce my environmental impact, simplify my life and to save money.  I'm not sure that Organix does any of those, although maybe.  One thing I've read about Organix on the Internet is that it contains forms of silicone, which may require harsh detergents to remove, and if you don't remove the silicone, then your hair eventually just ends up looking dull and limp.  I didn't have this problem at all, and the smell plus the feel of the conditioner make it a worthwhile product.  Nonetheless, I continued on in my no poo goals.

After a week of reduced washing with SLS shampoo and Organix conditioner, I tried the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method of hair washing, but it left my hair feeling crunchy on the ends, as if someone had fried it with an iron.  I don't heat style my hair ever, so I can only guess about how that must feel.  I tried rinsing again with ACV and then with water.  My hair was still seriously crunchy on the ends.  Ouch!

My hair was seriously crunchy!

I ultimately worked a dime-sized amount of a Dollar Tree conditioner through my hair and left it in.  The important factor about the Dollar Tree conditioner was that it didn't contain any form of silicone.  Here is a great resource for interpreting hair product labels in order to determine whether there are sulfates or non-water-soluble silicone in any hair product.  Doing this made my hair not crunchy, and based on everything I've learned from the Internet, I shouldn't have silicone buildup.  Yay for hair that is not crunchy and not dull and not limp!

The end result is that my hair looks great.  Using the Dollar Tree conditioner really helped, although I'm still quite concerned about why my hair felt crunch after the BS/ACV method.  What I've decided is that I will switch to the co-washing method of washing my hair with conditioner only.  Today one of my friends who didn't know about my experiment, complimented my hair, saying it looked shiny and the color looked brighter.  I don't know if this really could be the case after only a week of no sulfates, but I guess it's possible.  I'll begin co-washing in a few days, and I'll post updates with pictures.  I'm also thinking about buying some oils to add to my conditioner to make it more like Organix, but without silicone and at a fraction of the price.  In the meantime, do you have experience with no poo or co-washing?  Any ideas why my hair turned crunchy?

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part.  I switched from a round plastic brush to this amazing but still plastic brush.  This switch was probably one of the most critical steps in this process.  The new brush is nylon and plastic.  Some people say you have to use natural bristles.  I don't know if I agree with natural bristles because I don't know if animals are harmed in the making.  Also, the great thing about my nylon brush is that I can drop it in a sink of hot water and soap for a few minutes, rinse and it comes out clean and new.  I think I bought the brush in the late '80s or maybe early '90s, and it also had a matching comb back then, but some things are so good that they are loved for generations.  Besides, who can say no to something that's small enough to fit in your purse and makes you look amazing?

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Anonymous said...

i love that you're doing this!

have you ever tried Dr Bronner's? Thats what i use for everything: hand soap, body and shampoo. its all natural soap so there's no funny chemicals that can harm you or the enviroment. its a little pricy, but I usually buy it in bulk with my own bottles and then fill it half way with water (makes it last a lot longer) I also only wash my hair about once a week, putting a little bit of baby powder/talcom powder

Ani said...

I have never even heard of it, but I will look for it now. It sounds like the kind of product I would like. Where do you buy it?