Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Poo Redo

Sorry guys, I thought this had automatically been posted earlier, but it wasn't.  Oops!  So I've been going no poo for a while now, but my attempt at the BS/ACV method of no poo didn't work so well and left my hair crunchy.  So I decided to switch to co-washing.  I haven't quite gotten co-washing right yet and had a terrible hair day recently where my hair looked greasy and limp.

However, in general, I have been having some positive effects from no poo, and I'm determined to stick with some method of no poo in order to save money, do less harm to the environment and take better care of my hair.  Here are some of the positive effects I've noticed:

  • No dandruff whatsoever.  Periodically throughout my life, my scalp has alternated between oily and dry/flaky/itchy.  The dryness and itchiness completely disappeared once I greatly reduced my use of sulfate shampoo.
  • Shinier and richer hair color.  Two different people (who didn't know I was going no poo) commented that my hair color looks darker and more vibrant.  Yay!  I take this as a sign of better hair health.  Many of the websites suggested that sulfates rob hair of its color.  I didn't believe those sites, but there must be some truth to the issue, as confirmed by my unscientific tests.  My hair definitely looks much shinier.
  • Longer hair.  This was something else that the websites said, but I didn't believe them.  My hair appears to be growing much faster than it was before.  I think that this is partially due to the additional scalp massages that I'm doing while washing, although I think the main reason that I now have thicker, longer and healthier hair is because I switched hair brushes to this brush.  I've had the brush for years, but I've never used it until now.  It's truly a miracle hairbrush.  I wish I could convince everyone to get one because this hairbrush is so cheap, but the results are amazing.

So I continue on in my adventures in no poo.  I will try co-washing again in a few days.  I am going to try using warmer water than I've been using, but if you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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