Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reader Appreciation for July, 2011

It's reader appreciation time again here at Buddhatropolis.  I love highlighting readers who make a special effort to contribute to this blog in the form of thoughtful comments, following on Google Friend connect, linking to Buddhatropolis, website help, etc.  It is very tough to only choose a few readers each month, but I think those I chose for their contributions during July really stand out.  Here they are in alphabetical order:

Please visit their amazing websites.  Each of these bloggers is talented and creative, and I love reading their blogs so much.  For the next month they will be linked in the right sidebar under "Buddhatropolis Sponsors".  For now, I'm using generic placeholder pictures unless they send me preferred pictures.  If you are interested in becoming a Buddhatropolis sponsor, here's how.

Posted as part of Rednesday.  And please check out my "No Poo Redo" entry that was not posted at the correct time due to my error.


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What a thoughtful honor ... thank you! :-)

Also, love the accompanying photo ~~