Friday, August 5, 2011

Updates Roundup

Compassion for all.
Friends and foes: once our mothers.
Cherish all beings.

My Buddha Badges arrived!
They are smaller than I thought they'd be, but they are so cute and the Akash mudra one looks great sitting in my Buddha statue's hands.  I specifically chose the Akash mudra pin because the anniversary of my friend Akash's death is in August.  I deeply miss him.  Although he was my age, he was extremely wise and one of my greatest teachers.  The above senryu is a look at friendship according to Buddhist beliefs.  These little buttons are a token of remembrance and remind me that life is precious and impermanent.  You should definitely order some Buddha Badges of your own.

I am hating yoga less.
First, I've realized I'm terribly out of shape and that white girls have no rhythm.  I attended hip hop aerobics last night, and it was a disaster.  The good news is that in the last week I've found an amazing teacher who focuses on the physical as well as mental aspects of yoga.  Special thanks to KalpanaS and her yoga blog for pointing me in the right direction.

I played Angry Birds for the first time.
Yes, I am without an iPhone, iPad, or iAnything-Else, but I learned that Google Chrome has an app.  Meanwhile, I read the most interesting analysis of Angry Birds according to Buddhist beliefs over at Tobey Deys.  She calls the game a "Buddhist sport".  Her article is humorous and well-written.  I love it.  I guess when you really think about it, maybe the unlimited do-overs in Angry Birds are sort of like samsara, or the cycle of reincarnation, according to Buddhist beliefs.

Washing my face with honey is great.
Washing my face with honey, as I detailed in Wash Your Face with Honey, turned out to be better than I expected.  I think I'm going to do a little more exfoliation than I've been doing, but my skin seems soft and moisturized.

Still not being paid, and still frustrated with Google.
Frustration abounds, but Google employees are nowhere to be seen.  No one wants to answer Lola L.'s question over at Google!  This is why Google forums don't work.  My stats are showing more clicks on my ads, and yet Google has only credited me for one click.  I wish there were a way to know how many people are actually clicking on my ads.  I applied for Chitika and I'm trying out AdBrite too.  We'll see if any of these turn out to be good.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Reader Appreciation winners for July will be announced on August 10th.
If you want to get in on the action, you still have a few more days to comment, follow, or otherwise contribute to this blog before I choose the new winners who will have 125x125 buttons in the right sidebar.  For more information, please see this link.

What have you been up to?

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Yup, the world could definitely use a little (or a lot) more compassion!

Shadowy Bars

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your haiku and your Buddha Badge are wonderful--and they have made me think a little differently which is always a good thing. Sounds like you are a very busy woman and hopefully you will find right livelihood very soon.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this post ... thank you for sharing!

rebecca said...

i love your haiku,
thank you for
perfect..holy now~

Rosie Gan said...

Interesting blog, Lola. And the haiku says it friends with everyone, recycled souls from your past life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention ~ the best part of it is that I found your blog. Love it ~ peace