Thursday, September 1, 2011

AOK Is An Awesome Social Game for Good that Fits Right in with Buddhist Beliefs

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I have recently gotten involved in AOK, which is an online game where you post acts or observations of kindness from your computer or your phone.  You gain virtue points that are converted to "Cause Currency", which means that real life organizations will donate money to important social causes based on the number of points earned.  An AOK is just like a RAK, or random act of kindness, except that AOKs benefit the recipient and thousands of other people at the same time through "Cause Currency".  Besides, AOKs don't have to be random; it's great if you plan them!

I love this game because you're spending time on a game that means something, rather than empty clicks on farms or mafias or other games that make corporations rich.  AOK actually helps people in need.  An added side effect that I've noticed is that I now look for opportunities to do AOKs and make more of a conscious effort.  Also, when people do nice things for me, I feel more appreciative and happy because I am more aware.

If you are someone who makes a gratitude list, does community service, your looking for spiritual activities, or you just want to help others, you should be doing AOKs and posting them online.  Buddhist beliefs dictate that we must love all beings and must work to end the suffering of all beings.  For that matter, most religious beliefs dictate that too, not just Buddhism!  I hate to say it, but AOK has been a real eye-opener for me because when I first started playing, I realized that on a daily basis I wasn't consciously doing too many nice things.  Although I firmly believe that everyone should be doing AOKs, I was falling down on the job.  But now the AOK game helps keep me on track.  How awesome is that?

If you want to get started, why not do an AOK by spreading the word?  Blog it, share it, tweet it, email it, text it, etc.  I am Lolarati on AOK; come follow me by clicking on "follow" below my avatar on the AOK site!

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Stephanie said...

Interesting, this AOK...Always good to open our eyes and hearts.

Meri said...

Interesting concept -- thanks for bringing it to my attention!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Does sound interesting. Thanx! Cathy

katemckenna said...

Lola - Kate here, community manager from AOK. Thanks so much for this great coverage of AOK and for being an early member of our growing community! I love the point you make about how AOK helps you develop awareness of the many kind acts you do and see each day, and, oftentimes, how much room there is to grow! Increasing such mindfulness is one of our game's main goals, and we on the AOK team have noticed that it really does increase as you play! Thanks again and keep up the great AOK-ing! Cheers!

Cheerful said...

interesting and thanks for sharing it with us! visiting late from last week's OT, have a great week. :)