Monday, October 3, 2011

Be a Light Unto Yourself

"Be a light unto yourself; betake yourselves to no external refuge. Hold fast to the Truth. Look not for refuge to anyone besides yourselves." -Buddha's final words

This quote by Buddha reminds me that we need to stop looking to others for happiness and look inwards.  This quote is not an excuse to abandon the sangha or take up self-cherishing, but a call to action to change our way of thinking and realize that happiness exists before us and within us; we just have to see it.


Anonymous said...

One of my life's philosophies :) It keeps me going in the worst typhoons in my life. And what I found out too, that when you are finally truly a light unto yourself, you will also light up the path of others. Slowly you will notice that others around you depend on your mood and energy level of any particular day to function.

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Anonymous said...

Truly a great philosophy!

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Chiharu Mori said...

I love this quote and how you interpret it. Thank you for sharing.