Friday, November 18, 2011

One Dress Protest

I discovered the amazing blog by Kristy Powell.  There are so many reasons that I love her idea, and I'm strongly thinking about doing something similar.  The basic premise is that you give up on fashion trends and clothing consumption for a year.  For one year you wear essentially the same outfit.  I'm not exactly sure of the logistics yet, but it's an interesting idea.  Of course, it's really not just one outfit because in winter you would have to add a coat or sweater, tights, etc.

My idea is that I'd like to drastically simplify my life.  I was thinking of getting a black dress, but possibly wearing colored shoes or something.  I was thinking of getting two copies of the same dress, two pairs of the same leggings (which can double as workout pants), and then adding a black jacket, shirt or sweater that I already have.  I get so cold that it is literally impossible for me to wear only a dress for a year, but I love the idea of living a more humble life that is focused on the important stuff.

My dress must be/have:

  • black
  • short but not too short
  • not too fancy or too casual
  • comfortable
  • have sleeves
  • possibly have pockets
  • not need ironing
  • not require a slip
  • modest
  • able to be worn to work
Here are some ideas for what my one outfit might be:

These dresses don't necessarily meet all of the requirements, but I will probably have to compromise.  Do you have any ideas?  If so, please give me links in the comments, so I can check out your ideas.  I'll add the pictures/links to the above possibilities.

And a special thanks to Kristy for writing me back!


patricias fabric art said...

Hi visiting you from swapbot-(blackbird 4)I read some of your posts with interest but I'm afraid alot of you're theories would not appeal to me at all'specially the last one as I'm a dress designer !!!!.Yoga I love also pilates and proper vegetarian nutrition .I'm afraid I love my fashion and cosmetics !!!!!!!!!

Meg said...

I love the concept except I'm not sure I can give up clothes consumption for a year! I have done a variation of it, which is a 30 for 30 remix ( It was pretty fun thinking of ways to spruce up the already "old" clothes in my wardrobe :D

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