Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Hosting My First Blog Guest Post Swap

I'm have never done or received a guest post, but I'm starting to get requests.  Yay!  So I've decided to host a blog guest post swap over at Swap-Bot.  Swap-Bot is free to join, so If you're interested, please go sign up.  If you are not on Swap-Bot and can't be bothered to join but would still like to exchange guest posts, please email me at buddhatropolis at gmail.

Why would you want to do a guest post exchange?  Well, it's a great way to share your blog with new readers.  If you write a guest post on another blog, readers of that other blog may start reading and become fans of your blog.  Also, you post a link on your blog saying where you are guest posting so that your readers can find the other blog.  It's all about cross traffic.  Of course a swap like this means that you may be writing for a blog that is a little outside of your niche, but with a few minutes of online research, you should be able to get it all set up.

I'm a big procrastinator.  I also sometimes have writers block and therefore don't post as frequently as I'd like.  Asking others to guest post gives you great material to use and gives you a break to think of something new to write without letting your loyal readers down by having to look at your tired post from two weeks ago.  Just keep in mind that getting a guest post ready to publish might take slightly longer than getting one of your own posts ready to publish, so you should allow for extra time.  People aren't likely to guest post for you if you are the insane editor with impossible deadlines and crazy demands.  Keep your tone friendly and requests reasonable so that you can build blog friendships that last.

Last year there was a Buddhist blog swap that happened around the Internet where several authors guest posted for each other.  Unfortunately, I missed it because my blog was too new.  I'd love to participate in something like that in the future!  It's not easy writing for someone else's blog, but I think it will be fun and will expose us all to new and interesting blogs.

Have you ever guest posted at another blog or had guest posts on yours?  What are your success stories or nightmares?  Do you have any tips for the newbies like me?  Please leave your comments below.

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Good luck with your guest(s). I'm not brave enough to try!


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Something scarlet just for you;
Something blazing as the sun,
Something red when day is done.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Chubskulit Rose said...

Nice project!

Late visiting for RT, hope you can visit my Ruby entry also when you get a chance. Happy holidays!

Unknown said...

Good luck on your blog project! I enjoy swap bot too. I do a lot of letter writing and love pen pals, so swap bot is great for meeting interesting writers from all over the world. Good luck!

Glory said...

I got your invite for the Guest Blog swap (and commenting for the Blog Comments swap). I'm thinking about it but a little nervous and shy. I wouldn't have the foggiest what to post if I were partnered with you. Maybe a yoga bento? LOL. Great blog thanks for sharing.
Glory (Sauterelle) from Swapbot

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I would love to participate in this swap; will wait closer to the date and join if possible!

mag // swapbot

Unknown said...

I have signed up for the swap and I am excited about the challenge-to-write-about-a-new-topic aspect of guest-blogging. I have been blogging for seven years and I am sure my readers are sick of hearing about my kids. I am excited about being stretched as a writer.

Amber said...

Ok, I'm going to have to think about joining this one. I've wanted to have and be a guest poster for one of my two blogs, but haven't really known how to go about it. I'm watching rather than joining at the moment because I want to see how the end of my year goes, but I think it's a great idea and hope I can join!

-- Amber (PisceanMama for the Gain Blog Readers swap from Swap-Bot)

BlueCrayons said...

interesting blog, i enjoyed reading the few posts i did. congrats on your new swap.

Gain Blog Readers and Comments - bluecrayons

Anonymous said...

I've heard about guest posting before and that it is a great way to generate new traffic to a blog. Your article has made me feel to look into it more and maybe even start doing them regularly. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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