Friday, December 2, 2011

The Amazing Convergence of Yoga and Luxury at Yogart

I am so happy that I went to Yogart! (@yogartevent on Twitter.) I will definitely go back next year. The best part of it all was that I got a 50% discount through  If Living Social's super cool commercials weren't enough to convince you about what a great service they provide, take it from me.  The signup and purchase couldn't have been easier and redeeming my vouchers at the venue was simple and stress-free, which is exactly what you hope for when doing yoga.  Just give them your email and you'll be on your way to browsing the best deals in your city, all at AMAZING discounts.  Don't worry, I haven't gotten a single piece of spam since joining either, which was delightful.

Two of my good friends and I headed to the Loew's Hotel for an evening of yoga luxury.  This was definitely one of the most interesting, enjoyable and healthiest nights out that I've had in a long time.  The setting was a beautiful courtyard just beyond the hotel pool.  We turned in our vouchers and quickly moved to yoga mats provided by Lululemon that were set up on the Americana (artificial turf) Lawn. Luxuries from water to food to accessories, were provided.  I ate the best tabbouleh and garlic hummus that I can ever remember eating.

You knew it was serious when Russel "@unclerush" Simmons showed up and gave a short inspirational talk.  And boy did all of the hot girls in South Beach find him inspirational!  I first thought that I recognized one of my former clients among the Mayapuris, but then I just realized that maybe all new agey vegan, yoga nuts look the same.  The music and the yoga were amazing.  I was introduced to the genre of kirtan music by the Mayapuris, which features strong tribal drums and free-flowing melodies.

The evening featured music and yoga led by Paul Toliuszis and Dawn B.  The two of them seem to have completely different styles of teaching yoga, but both were enjoyable.  Loren Russo even did a performance as people were arriving, and I have to say that I was amazed by both the strength and the inner beauty of everyone.  The gorgeous Miami evening was cool and crisp, and the rain held off until the event was over.  I left feeling refreshed and completely at peace.

My only complaints are the slight incline of the artificial turf, which made balancing more difficult, especially with the autumn wind, and the overpriced South Beach parking.  Valet at the Loew's was $28 or parking in a garage was about half that.  Complete newbies might have found this yoga session to be a little too challenging because of the repeated use of Sanskrit pose names and the lack of descriptive instructions, but anyone with a few weeks of yoga classes behind them was fine.  Besides, I noticed that even Uncle Rush appeared lost in at least one pose, which made me feel better because he's apparently been practicing yoga for a really long time.

I highly recommend this event to anyone who is interested in yoga.  The total cost if you bought through Living Social, carpooled with friends and parked at a garage a few blocks away was about $25 per person.  That included the freebies like the açai seed bracelets, free bottled Evian, Veev alcoholic beverages and complementary water bottles, dinner and the yoga session.  You'd be hard-pressed to find dinner and yoga anywhere for $25 a person, much less in such a luxurious and relaxing setting.  This was my first year attending Art Basel in Miami, but I'm already looking forward to next year.

Thanks to all who made Yogart great, especially the teachers, the Mayapuris and the participants.  Hope to see you all next year!


Unknown said...

Hello, I found your blog on SB. I haven't tried a living social voucher yet, but now I am tempted.


Ani said...

I am such a skeptic that I couldn't believe that Living Social worked the way it was supposed to, wasn't a scam and actually saved me a ton of money.

Holly said...

Hi Lola~
This looks good - I like yoga too!!

Sadie said...

Hi Lola! I found your blogsite through another artist from Milliande Art Community for Women. I love that I now can follow a fellow vegan.I'm very new at it--just 2 months and 2 days so far --but I must say I LOVE it! I had been toying with vegetarianism for many years (ovo-lacto) but found it difficult when traveling on business, especially in the southern states. That lasted for only two years.

I became "enlightened" to become vegan after watching the film, "Forks Over Knives". Wow! I vowed right in the middle of the film, "I will never eat meat (nor fish nor fowl) again!" The reality of what I was doing just struck me in the head, the heart, and the gut! The sudden transformation was so easy-- like falling off a log! But I was primed. I am very health conscious anyway, so that helped. Plus, I love experimenting with different recipes and new foods. I am not a Pop-Tart fan, though there was a time I enjoyed a piping hot one from the toaster with my little girls.

I don't know much about Buddhism, but I like what I do know about it. I am an athiest, but very spiritual in so many ways. I don't believe in ghosts or an afterlife, but I believe that my sweet, funny, talented brother Jack, who committed suicide at the age of 21 (48 years ago) visits me regularly. I have no explanation, but I feel his presence and I am delighted to have him with me. Thank you so much for your very entertaining blog. I just found you and I will never lose you!!! Peace, xoxo, Sadie