Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Post: Dark Night of the Soul by Ann of Crafty Recycler

As many of you know, I hosted a blog guest post swap over on Swap-Bot.  I asked potential guest posters at Buddhatropolis to write about some aspect of spirituality.  Buddhatropolis is primarily a Buddhist blog, but participants were asked to write from their own perspectives and based on their own paths.  This first guest post by Ann of Crafty Recycler result was a beautiful and touching piece with some helpful advice for others going through a difficult time.  Please visit her blog and say hello.  I hope to invite similar guest posters to Buddhatropolis in the future.  If you are interested, please email me.

Ann sees herself flowing through her soul's lessons and tries to help many people along the way. She is extremely aware of life's turmoil, which makes her love humanity even more for all its struggles.  She feels that it is important to be aware of the footprints we leave behind - both good and bad - for the next generation.

Image by Kenn AKA Click, used with permission.

Ann writes:

I am nearly 40 and you could say that I have been quite stressed all my life – but looking back I can see my life like a fairy story.

My childhood was like the beginning of the fairy story, quite peaceful with storms not really affecting my soul too much.

Then the teenage years hit when I was struggling to put my independence down. I left home at one point due to the stress but was dragged back. Luckily, I found a job at 16 in London and this established my independence.

Then came my 20's was when I was trying to show that I can achieve.  In fairy stories this is the middle of the story when the characters are having struggles and they think life is hard. Unfortunately I kept falling down – my health did not help matters either. I also became a single parent, which caused me to struggle immensely.

It was not until my 30's that I had to face the massive dragon – the final big battle – the dark night of the soul. I got remarried, went through domestic violence, and went through safe houses. I lost all my friends due to my ex. I fell out with all my family. I had no one but my son. Throughout my 30's I went into a massive depression which lasted years.

Now I'm nearly 40 and life does seem calmer. Now the big battle is over everything does not seem the same.  Life seems easier.  I feel more content.

The "happily ever after" is more a state of mind because I have overcome so much.  Now stress and problems come and go, but they are not so influential in my life. As long as I have a roof, heating to keep warm, and food to eat, nothing seems to truly bother me.

I came across that saying “Dark night of the soul” a long time ago and believe everyone comes across their own dark night of the soul.  It is part of the soul journey in order to grow.

Helpful Tips to Overcome Life's Burdens

  • Life is about soul growth.
  • Remember that everyone is going through his or her own turmoil.  We each have our own lessons to be learned in our own unique ways.
  • Family can provide the biggest lessons of all.
  • Don't be too serious.  Find something to laugh at every day, even if that something is yourself.
  • Forgive yourself and others.  It will be healing to the mind and soul.
  • Set new goals, even small ones.
  • Look after your body and mind so that you can enjoy life.
  • Everyone you meet is connected to you.  Be nice.
  • Don't be stagnant.  Move on when necessary.
  • Be yourself, even if you have to lose yourself to find yourself.

Remember that we are all loved and that love starts within you.

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Kenn said...

Thank you for contacting me in regards to your usage of my photo, found in my gallery at I'm always happy to learn that someone has found a purpose for one of my images. I wish you the best of success with all that you endeavor to do. - Kind Regards, Kenn (aka "click")

Symdaddy said...

Winkles = Periwinkle (small snail-like creature found amongst the rocks on the coast.

I know this has nothing to do with Ann's post, but I did read it!


Unknown said...

Hi Ann, Thank you for sharing your story. Its inspiring to see how you have been able to overcome your struggles in life and in turn help other people.

Carmen from swap bot

Ani said...


You are so kind to share your amazing work and put it out there for others to use. Sincere thanks.

Melissa Blake said...

Soul growth! I love that!! xoxo

Victoria said...

I love that you open your blog to other writers that fit your message, and the tips are fantastic. You have a great message and a great voice...thank you for putting it out there.