Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gratitude List for April 14, 2012: Artomat Pictures

A picture of all of the Art-O-Mat goodies I got today.  I'm only keeping #5 and the orange #7s for myself, and I'm giving the rest of the treasures to friends and family.

As you know, I previously wrote about creating art as a spiritual activity, so naturally, I am so excited to own Art-O-Mat art!  Today I ran several errands and then headed to the Miami Art Museum to buy Art-O-Mat tokens from the gift shop attendant.  As I was waiting in line and discussing which treasured works of art I would buy, the senior couple in line in front of me asked me all about the machine.  It's funny because I hardly know anything about it, but suddenly I was the resident expert.  The couple couldn't believe that my main purpose in visiting the museum was to buy this mini form of art.  If you don't know what Art-O-Mat is, you must visit the website and then visit a machine.

Here's what I got from my Art-O-Mat visit:

  1. Mixed media block by Alyssa Risley
  2. Art-O-Mat Series No. 4 by Wendy Krabbe
  3. Firepot Variations by Michael Westmoreland
  4. Handcrafted Book by Sue Clancy & Judy Sullens
  5. Mind's Eye by David A. Franke.
  6. Fiber Art by Shirley Ruggiero.
  7. Personal Passion Puppets by  Martha Schermerhorn.
  8. "Motherhood" by Blue Horse Art.

I love all of these pieces so much, but I guess you can see that my favorites were the Personal Passion Puppets, since I bought three of them.  You can't tell from the photo, but they actually have some kind of silver foil or embossing on parts of them.  I actually bought the last one from the machine, but the box was so light that it got stuck and a museum worker had to take the Art-O-Mat machine apart and rescue my puppet.  Whew!  I plan to contact each of the artists to thank them and let them know how much I've enjoyed their art.

I would love to make Art-O-Mat art because I truly believe that the process of conceptualizing and then creating art is a form of mindfulness similar to meditation.  Creating art is an opportunity to be present in the moment and be free to create.  The unselfishness to let go of your creations and the joy that our art brings to other is an experience that helps us grow.  I can't wait to give away some of the Art-O-Mat art in the picture above!

Gratitude List for April 14, 2012

  • Clark, the bureau chief of Artomat, was so nice to contact me yesterday and give me all of the information I needed.  Thanks to Clark and the wonderful gift shop workers at the Miami Art Museum, my Art-O-Mat experience was a complete success!
  • I am so grateful that I have disposable income and the time and mobility to do things like go to art museums and buy art.
  • I ate delicious and nutritious food.
  • Today I rested, which was needed after a few busy days at work.
  • Thanks to my hard work yesterday, it looks like I might be getting three new clients on Monday, which I really need.  I'm very excited about one of the clients because I think it could be a long term partnership that is financially and professionally rewarding.
  • Bravo is apparently having a Pretty Woman marathon.
What are the things for which you're grateful?  Do you have any Art-O-Mat art?  Please feel free to share your stories in the comments.

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