Monday, April 9, 2012

This Office Doesn't Have the Zen Feel I Wanted

This is an actual "shared" frat house office space for rent in Ft. Lauderdale. 

My search for a new office has been less than stellar.  Of all the things I would want in an office, including good parking, good design, nice decor, proximity to yoga classes, and a convenient location, "pool table in the hall" never made it to my list.  Then again, garbage can, desk, fake tree, and construction materials in the hall weren't on my list either.  It's impossible to make this stuff up.  The ad suggests, "Rent an office or two, just the space you need, everything included."  Wow, they were serious about "everything".

Although this could be a great opportunity to practice patience, I think I'll keep looking.  It's gonna be a long search.