About Buddhatropolis:

This blog is about Buddhism, plant based nutrition, veganism, going green, cruelty-free, yoga, meditation, spirituality and healthy living.  In July 2011, http://www.buddhatropolis.com was purchased through Enom.com and Buddhatropolis was born.  

This Blog is Not Only for Buddhists

This site uses the term "buddha" as a person who has reached enlightenment, but obviously, there are so many great thinkers and spiritual individuals who are not Buddhists.  No matter what your religion, spirituality, or lack thereof, you are welcome here.  This blog is a Buddhist blog, but it's also about how to live your best life ever, so anyone can enjoy the content here.  This blog is for anyone interested in exploring the spiritual, religion, new agey stuff, the magical and the weird.  This blog is for everyone out there who has felt stagnant or not spiritually fulfilled and want to explore what else is out there, especially those who are not afraid to examine how we all feel and think. 

This blog seeks to answer the following questions:
  1. What is the good life?
  2. How can we live the good life?

About Lola:

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 I've been vegetarian almost my whole life, blogging since 2001 when no one knew what a blog was and studying Buddhism since 2007.  I am a new vegan.  None of my previous blogs have been "successful" because I never had more readers than the two stalkers who are infatuated with me.  For this reason, if you enjoy Buddhatropolis, please consider subscribing, commenting or linking.  These activities are appreciated much more than stalking and lurking.  I can be reached at buddhatropolis@gmail.com.

I work as a freelance writer, ghost blogger, ghost writer, guest blogger and content creator.  I write mainly about Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism, spirituality, yoga, healthy living, plant based nutrition, veganism, vegetarianism, addiction recovery, improving interpersonal relationships, blogging, freelance writing, law, intersection of law and the internet, data centers and colocation.

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